Acquire map and 3D model to help your surveyor and construction project.

Inspection Solution

We can help  improve data accuracy, identify hazards and potential conflicts, enhance safety, and much more.


Drones provide safe, efficient inspections for applications across the energy industry.  They can drastically reduce inspection time, save labor costs and reduce hazardous manhours.


Perform inspections more frequently so potential problems can be identified and addressed more quickly.  Aerial inspections of buildings and roofs are usually completed quicker than  traditional inspections.

The Problem of Traditional Solar Panel Inspections

Traditional solar panel inspections can be time consuming and inefficient, requiring each solar panel to be inspected via a handheld device for anomalies. Given the size of most solar sites, manual methods of data capture result in a far heavier, potentially hazardous, workload for operations teams.  Through an aerial inspection by a drone can you get high-resolution imagery and accurate insights in a fraction of the time, allowing you to identify issues faster and avoid costly repairs.

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