Security Solutions

Safety first.

Drones are one of the most underrated innovations in today’s world of technology. Drone technology has many applications, but maybe the most important is in the security industry. Whether managing security for a concert or other large event, conducting perimeter checks for a building or compound, or keeping an eye out for threats near an highly targeted individual or group, drones combine the best in camera technology with the ability to get a bird’s eye view, something that was not easily available for security forces in past times.

High quality video
One of the most common uses for security drones is simply to provide images and videos of an area. The best drones can even be equipped with infrared or ultrasonic cameras to provide additional information in addition to simple video. Drones can record hours and hours of video, and some data enabled ones can even relay video over an internet connection to security professionals who can monitor it from a safer location.
Intruder tracking
Thanks to high quality video, improved GPS systems, and video analytics software, many modern security drones have tracking capability. This allows them to not only find intruders or security threats, but to track them and send their location and other data to a centralized security system.
More efficient searches
A search that used to take security professionals hours can now be accomplished by drones in a fraction of the time. With their position in the sky, drone’s have a birds eye view and can move more efficiently to find their target without being blocked by buildings, people or other obstacles. Most drones are also equipped with advanced gyroscopes for increased stability during flight. This can help their video analytics software be more accurate and present a better picture for security agents reviewing the surveillance video or looking at it in real time.
Possibility of drones as a physical security measure
While not yet common in today’s world, the potential for drones to be used as physical security measures is certainly interesting. Many militaries across the world already use drones with weapons capabilities, and an armed drone available to businesses in the private sector would present a huge change for the security of private property.
Increased safety for security professionals
One of the biggest appeals of drones as a security force is the fact that they are unmanned. By using drones instead of physically sending people out to assess dangers and confront possible hostiles, you negate the risk to life and limb naturally associated with the security job. Drones move quickly and can access places where people can’t climb, so they can really help cover all blind spots to provide even more increased security.
Natural deterrent
Just like physical security guards, cameras, signs or other security measures, drones let possible intruders and other security threats know that your building or area is not to be trifled with. Just .